Into The Night - The Crisis of Western Civilization

Twenty-first-century Western man is living through the reprise of an ancient and epic historical tragedy—the paroxysms of a dying civilization

April 14, 2011

Into the Night is a powerful, unflinching review of Western civilization’s pilgrimage into a new Dark Age. Exhaustively researched, meticulously written, and panoramic in scope, it merges impressive scholarship with astonishing and original insights forged in daunting, real-world experience. History’s greatest historians and sociologists—Arnold Toynbee, Pitirim Sorokin, Christopher Dawson, and Oswald Spengler among them—are deployed as intellectual cannonade. Ivy Scarborough draws on diverse skills and extraordinary, far-ranging experiences from the perspectives of eight war zones, university professor of international studies, history and political science, commentator, and lawyer to put these scholars’ views into the context of twenty-first century events and our culture.

Burning Oil Field in Kuwait

Should it be possible to arrest the decline, the citizens of the West must be willing to courageously face bitter realities and acknowledge the West’s abandonment of core beliefs that made it the freest, most prosperous and most powerful civilization in history. With uncompromising defiance of political correctness, ideological and partisan slants, prejudices, and cultural conformity, the author gives no quarter. Scarborough panders to no group or institution. He defers to no individual. In commanding, authoritative tones, Scarborough relentlessly strips away self-delusion, denial, and superficiality to confront the culture’s heart of darkness—illuminating its peril in order to boldly propose the one strategy that might alter Western civilization’s catastrophic course.
A must-read book that cannot be ignored by anyone wishing to understand the future of our world.
— Dr. Kevin Cooney,
Professor of Political Science,
Director of Pacific Rim Center, Northwest University

This is arguably the most profound thesis concerning Christianity and Western civilization to be penned since A.D. 413 when Augustine wrote The City of God.

— Dr. James Wilson, Belfast, Irish historian,
Director, Centre for British Studies, Coleraine, UK

Ivy Scarborough’s insights rise like the sun on the fog of our culture’s self-deception and delusions and burn them away. I kept thinking as I read, this is the book I wish I had written.
— Randall Bush, D.Phil. (University of Oxford),
Th.D. (Southwestern Theological Seminary),
Professor of Philosophy, Union University

Into the Night is disturbing, precise, and both condemning and filled with ways of climbing out of the pit we have dug for ourselves.

— Dr. John Adams, retired Vice President,
Union University

This is powerful stuff. Masterful! Chapters could well stand on their own as essays or pamphlets. Really powerful!

— John Perry, author of Unshakable Faith
and Sgt. York: His Life, Legend & Legacy

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